Don’t Go Looking for Problems: Curing Your Own Pain Points Is a Good Way to Develop a New Product

Startups are companies in search of a problem to solve. At times, it seems that entrepreneurs, especially those in tech, are restless doers in need of a challenge. Like artists seeking an outlet for their creativity, some create fantastical schemes — and products of dubious value. These duds range from an overpriced juicer (whose refill packets could be squeezed by hand) to computers for dogs.

Today’s Behavioral Health Providers are Failing: Why Data Analytics is the Solution

Today, behavioral health is more important than ever. Major news outlets, from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal, constantly cover the mental health epidemics wracking the nation, be it widespread opioid abuse or the steady, upward creep of suicide and self-harm.

Integrate or Die: Healthcare IT’s Costly Interoperability Problem

At times, it seems that healthcare is stuck in a time warp. At many hospitals, you’ll see doctors still using faxes while administrators input data into giant, blocky computers running on Windows XP.

Behavioral Health’s Robot Renaissance: AI in Mental Health

The AI revolution will leave no stone unturned, and no industry untouched. In sectors from manufacturing to healthcare, the rise of complex machine learning programs promises to completely overturn old ways of doing business–for the better.

Can AI Save Healthcare From Itself?

Believe it or not, many Americans distrust the healthcare industry even more than Wall Street. This is hard to do, considering that big banks tanked the economy in 2008, and economic recovery has been uneven and painful ever since.

Ali Beheshti Founder and CEO of Zealie

Ali Beheshti is the founder and CEO of Zealie, a Revenue Cycle Management program specifically designed for the Behavioral Health sector. Ali is a serial entrepreneur and has several successful companies.