In my previous blog, we looked at how companies can utilize personality types in the workplace, such as personality type ENFP. This week we will look at the personality type ENTP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinker, and Perceiving) and how this type of personality works best within an office.

ENTP, coined ‘The Debater’, is one of the rarer types of personalities in the population making up three percent of the general population, four percent men and two percent women. ENTP’s are curious and clever innovators who look to understand people, systems and the world around them. With a passion for analyzing and influencing, ENTP’s remain unconventional, open-minded and easygoing. While they are far from judgemental, ENTP’s lack of patience for those who don’t know what they are doing, as this personality prizes competency and attaining expert status.

The ideal work environment for an ENTP is an intellectually challenging and competitive one. They enjoy socialization with intelligent and creative coworkers in an environment that enables the development of innovative ideas. This personality type does best when their allowed to solve problems creatively without dealing with the tediousness of details.

ENTP’s as subordinates. It’s not too difficult to discern this personality’s dislike for restrictive rules and guidelines, especially for those managing them. ENTP’s are very comfortable disagreeing or debating a manager’s ideas and choices, as they are naturally capable of adopting new methods, thinking outside of the box, and encouraging of others to do so as well. The coolest takeaway for employers: ENTP’s gladly welcome constructive criticism.

ENTP’s as coworkers. The perception of an ENTP to a team can go one of two ways: it can drive practical, task-oriented colleagues crazy or it can offer stimulating inspiration for those who appreciate enthusiasm and innovation. While not everyone can appreciate the passionate brainstorming, debating, and analyzing methods of ENTP, all can agree that the relaxed nature of this personality combined with its witty sense of humor is captivating.

ENTP’s as managers. While ENTP’s often land in this role, they;re motivations are far from power hungry. Management is a fitting role for ENTP’s as it allows them to try out different approaches, find innovative solutions, delegate tedious tasks, and implement change. Outside of the transformation ENTP’s inspire structurally, they also shine as manager of employees due to their open and flexible mindsets.

ENTP career facts:

  • Less Likely than average to be a stay-at-home parent.
  • Most likely of all personality types of be self-employed.
  • Typically earns more when self-employed than in a standard job.