Some employees are a better fit for your team than others. However, each person has a unique personality that is good in some ways and bad in others. Understanding which personality types mean different things is crucial to your success. So to help you mold your team and get the most out of them, here is what you should know about INFJs:


What is an INFJ?

INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, Judging. In essence, they tend to be somewhat shy, as opposed to an introvert. They are less likely to come out and say what they feel because they don’t want to be judged.

Of course, one of the reasons they do not want to be judged is because they are used to silently judging others, which is a core part of their personality. They also feel and intuit things very strongly. They often rely on their feelings over their thoughts as they trust these more.


How to Work With an INFJ On Your Team


Give Them Attention

Make sure to acknowledge them when you can. They like some attention, but not too much. This way, you strike a balance that keeps their emotions in mind.


Help Them Help Themselves

They can often be used to helping others so much they forget to help themselves. Make sure they put themselves into the mix and ask for the help they need.


Boost Their Confidence

Give them praise and compliments often. Don’t criticize too harshly otherwise you could offend them, and they will resent you for it.


Be Careful With Your Tone

You might think you are speaking normally with a tone of voice that you are used to. However, make sure it is not coming off too aggressive. Introverts don’t respond well to loud language patterns. Instead, it might cause them further retreat in their feelings.


When it comes to your team, each person is entirely different. Understanding the different personality types you are dealing with is crucial to your success. When you can bring out the best in your team, you can do amazing things in business. So don’t leave anything on the table. Make sure you understand the INFJs in your group so you can benefit now and into the future.