Every employer hopes their team is comprised of the most talented individuals out there. Although it can be easy to spot talent, it isn’t always easy keeping it. The smartest and hardest-working people need a few things from their employers, but they are almost never there. These are a few of the most impactful things you can do to retain your top employees.

Challenge Them Intellectually

Smart individuals are smart in part because they love finding solutions to difficult problems. If you hire an intelligent employee, you should be prepared to give them challenging work down the line. When the daily tasks of the position become busy work to them, there is a strong chance they will leave. To avoid this, ask those employees to work on a special project or a problem no one else can solve. Keeping top employees entertained with a challenge will increase their chances of staying.

Personal Projects

Many companies expect employees to only do the work assigned to them in their role. However, they are missing out on a huge opportunity by not allowing employees to pursue personal projects. These projects can be work-related and will give employees the ability to help an area in the company where they thrive. For example, a natural-born teacher could restructure training for new hires, while an innovator might design a new product for customers. The ability to work on something they are truly passionate about should help employees think positively about their work experience.

Results-Based Bonuses

Take a look at your company. Do you only give raises out once per year, or a holiday bonus in December? Instead, consider giving raises to employees when they consistently go above and beyond your expectations. Doing this ensures you are getting the most out of your employees, while also showing them that you notice how hard they work. A salary increase will not only provide a financial reason to stay, but also improve morale for your best employees.

Once a company has hired a talented individual, they often assume their work is done. Unfortunately, the employees who do the best work will often jump ship if they feel unappreciated or bored. To combat these problems, try offering one of the aforementioned solutions, all while considering what more you can do to retain your top employees.

Ali Beheshti is the founder and CEO of Zealie, a Revenue Cycle Management platform to help medical billing, as well as several other companies. For more information, please visit Zealie.com. For more from Ali, you can visit AliBeheshti.com, AliBeheshti.net, and BeheshtiCapital.com.