Summer is just upon us, and you may have noticed a shift in the office. People are staring out of the windows, daydreaming of spending time in the sun. Work seems to move a bit slower, and the days feel much longer now. Summer is a difficult time of the year to keep employees engaged, but there are a few things you can do to help your staff stay focused.

Summer Fridays

Startups love the idea of Summer Fridays, because no one wants to stay in the office all day before a weekend. For Summer Fridays, set a specific time of day when your employees are allowed to leave early. You’ll have to maintain some boundaries, such as how much work must be completed before leaving, and what to do if a client wants a phone call on a Friday afternoon. Despite these limitations, your employees are certain to buckle down and work hard leading up to Friday, so they know they are able to leave early. Your employees will be thankful for the perk, and you’ll be happy with the work.

Food Trucks

Some people may not be phased by the novelty of food trucks, but most will enjoy the chance to skip packing lunch for a day. Food trucks are a fun way to get your employees excited to come into work. Make sure to announce the dates and times of any trucks you can get as soon as they’re booked. That way, your employees will have something to look forward to for a few days. Along with this, make sure your employees have ample time to go to the truck and eat before their break is over. If they don’t have time, consider taking orders and cash and pre-ordering for your team to ensure they get a chance to eat.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes, the worst part of working on a nice summer day is the monotony of your work. Doing something interesting makes time fly by, which is why holding regular strategy sessions is a great way to break up the week. If you’re in sales, this could consist of tactics different reps use to sell certain products or services. Those in customer service can discuss techniques to alleviate tense situations. Realistically, any office job will have something to discuss, so set aside some time to get together and talk.

New Programs

Is there an outdated procedure in your office? Every workplace has that one process that doesn’t work, and usually, employees are very passionate about fixing these problems. Offer time away from regular work for employees to brainstorm programs that could fix outdated methods. If you aren’t sure which problems to start with, ask your team during a team meeting. They will give you ideas, and they may even volunteer to help. Like with strategy sessions, this is a productive way to break up the week and make time go by quickly.

Keeping employees engaged during the summer is difficult. Everyone wants to go swimming or start their vacation early. Before cracking down on your employees, consider if making the workplace more fun might improve morale and lead to better productivity.