Managers all over the country are struggling with one common enemy: the Winter Slump. Even in places that are mostly unaffected by the seasons, winter can signal a time of sluggishness in employees. It could be that the holidays wore off, or maybe the weather is so cold it’s unbearable. No matter the reason, the Winter Slump is very much a real part of every workplace. If you are searching for ways to help your employees get over the weather, here are some tips that may liven up your workplace.

Bring Breakfast

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who would turn down a bagel or donuts on a Monday morning. If you want your team to perk up right when they get in, surprise them, or let them give you their order, so you know they will like what you buy. This isn’t a long-term solution, but on a day that could use an extra boost, bringing breakfast may help you out.

Play Music

When employees are listening to music, time flies by much faster than it does in silence. If you are able, let your employees listen to their own music throughout the day. Studies have shown that music can impact us mentally and physiologically, so an upbeat pop song may be the perfect addition to your team’s workday. One small caveat: make sure the music does not play out loud. Otherwise, someone is sure to complain.

Team Building

I am a firm believer that you should set aside time for team building throughout the year, but it is crucial to maintaining good relationships during the winter. Most people want to stay in bed and drink hot cocoa instead of going to work, which means they are already on edge. To lessen the chances of arguments, plan an occasional cooperative activity to remind your employees just how much they value each other.


Pick-me-ups are small acts that bring joy to your employees. Going out of your way to compliment them on a project they completed can make a big difference when they are in a bad mood. Asking how they are or if there is anything you can do to make their day better will also go a long way. Joking around (in an appropriate way) can also liven the mood and help fight negative feelings.

Be Understanding

During the winter, people get sick, road conditions are unsafe, and emergencies often happen. If your employees do not feel comfortable driving to work, consider giving them work they can complete at home. They will appreciate your ability to compromise and may even work more efficiently than usual.
The Winter Slump may lead to a bad mood, grogginess, and other negative feelings, but it is possible to overcome it. As a manager, you must set the standard for your office, and I suggest starting with these tips, which will make everyone feel a little bit better.