The New Year is the time to start fresh and implement new habits into your life. Some people set goals for their health or their productivity, but today I want to share some business resolutions that can help your company in 2018. These resolutions will help you be more productive, more positive, and more flexible, which is important for any company, new or old.

Let go of what doesn’t work.

In business, it can be difficult to admit failure. There is pressure to be successful in the business world constantly, but ask any entrepreneur, and they will tell you that failure is the path to success. Letting go of what doesn’t work is more than just admitting failure; it is a chance for you to learn where your company succeeds and struggles. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to test new ideas and solutions to the problems you are having.

Acknowledge your employees more.

Many businesses (particularly older ones) could use a boost in employee morale. In 2018, try setting a resolution to acknowledge the good things your employees do for you. This could be an Employee of the Month award or even simple day-to-day thanks for the work they do. However, I suggest going beyond a simple “thanks” if someone helps more than they are required to. It can still be a small gesture, but making it more personal is a good way to make your employees feel cared for.

Delegate when possible.

Every entrepreneur knows that some parts of business are easier than others. When you start your own business, you may be tempted to do every single thing on your own. This is a sure way for you to get burned out and make your company less productive. If you are taking on too many time-consuming or difficult tasks, try delegating some of them to your staff. Understanding what is happening throughout your whole company is good, but taking on more than you can handle is something to leave in 2017.

Learn related skills.

When you are an entrepreneur, it can be easy to focus on learning as much about your field as possible. Yet, sometimes it is more helpful if you step outside of your comfort zone and learn a new skill. If you are a logo designer, for example, you may want to brush up on web design skills. Try learning skills that can be useful in your business, either for daily work or a new product or service.

Lead how you want to be led.

Some entrepreneurs, managers, or other higher-ups forget what life was like as a bottom-level employee. They may fall into bad habits, such as yelling over small mistakes or being too passive. Try thinking of your favorite manager (or if you never had one, perhaps a teacher). What about them made them your favorite? What about them made them successful? Perhaps you need to allow your employees more flexibility, provided they complete their tasks on time. Or, you may need to create more of a schedule for employees to adhere to. Either way, leading how you would like to be led is a great way to improve your employee relations.
The New Year may be a stressful time for business owners, but it is also a great time to reflect on the previous year and determine what needs to be changed. I recommend that every entrepreneur look at their business closely and create a list of resolutions that will help to make a great 2018.