Ali Beheshti

Entrepreneur who works to improve the way businesses are created and run.

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“Fear is the biggest barrier to success. Taking calculated risks are necessary.
Don’t let failure stop you. Failure is just a part of the process.”

Ali Beheshti

Ali Beheshti is a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in a variety of industries. He was a founder of Healing Path Recovery, a Behavioral Health Center in Huntington Beach, California. Ali is also the CEO of Zealie, a Revenue Cycle Management platform.

While attending law school, Ali Beheshti had a summer position and realized that working at a big law firm wasn’t for him. Upon graduating, he received a job offer but decided to turn it down. Ali wasn’t particularly enthused about the corporate everyday life and fortunately found a business opportunity elsewhere. What triggered his transition into his entrepreneurship was his sister, Sayeh, when she asked him to help her start her own Behavioral Health facility. In November of 2013, Sayeh and Ali launched Healing Path Recovery, a Behavioral Health Center that treats people for substance abuse and dependence.

As an entrepreneur, Ali Beheshti appreciates his ability to take full control of his own destiny. Taking ideas and turning them into reality is truly gratifying for Beheshti. Being able to watch ideas transform into corporations is what motivates Ali time and time again. Ali appreciates that he is able to work with a team of people to solve difficult problems that nobody else has been able to solve, and ultimately make things function better.

Since launching Healing Path Recovery with his sister, Ali Beheshti hasn’t looked back on his entrepreneurial journey. Today, Ali is the proud CEO of Zealie, a software product that helps with Revenue Cycle Management. Ali looks forward to bringing innovation and efficiency to the behavioral health sector by creating influential businesses within the field.

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